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Redmond 2828 Toastmasters

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Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

In Toastmasters, you learn by participating. During club meetings members are asked to fulfill one of the following roles.

Toastmaster The Toastmaster is the leader of the meeting. This person is in charge of picking a theme for the meeting, adhering to the agenda they have prepared, introducing the speakers, Table Topics Master, and the General Evaluator. Each week offers a new spin on this role as the Toastmaster duties rotate throughout the club.
Script for Toastmaster
Feedback Form
 SpeakerEach member of the club is working through projects from the Competent Communicator or Advanced Communication manuals. The manuals consist of ten speeches, each focusing on a different aspect of public speaking, from gestures to speech organization to vocal variety. Each week three to four members prepare a speech that fits their manual's specifications for focus and time to present to the group. Each completed speech gets the member closer to completing the manual and a certification.

In order for each member to grow Toastmasters has implemented evaluations. One person is assigned a speaker to give a helpful, constructive critique, focusing on the objectives from the Competent Communicator or Advanced Manual the speaker is working from and anything else the speaker requests. The evaluator then presents the critique to the group in two to three minutes.
Effective Evaluation Manual in the New Member Kit
Evaluation Form
Script for 3-2-1 Sandwich Evaluation
John Spaith Assessing Your Evaluations

Exercise and InspirationThis member gets everyone moving in the morning, usually with physical stretching or a vocal exercise. They are also in charge of presenting a motivational quote or story to the group. This is a great way to start the morning and our meeting!
 GrammarianThe first responsibility of the grammarian is to introduce a "Word of the Day" to the group. A sign with the word, its definitions, and part of speech is placed in the front and back of the room as a reminder to the speakers and those participating in Table Topics. The second responsibility of the grammarian is to listen to any speaker in the front of the room for interesting uses of the English language, catchy phrases, and incorrect use of the language. When called upon by the Toastmaster, the grammarian shares their report with the entire group in the front of the room.
Script for Grammarian
Example of Word of the Day

This role is responsible for notifying the speakers when their time is up. Our club has three lights. When the green light is turned on, the speaker is within the minimum limit of the speech, a yellow light is the target time, and a red light is the maximum time allotted.  If the speaker is not done after the red light, a bell is rung to keep the meeting on schedule. The timer will give a report for the prepared speeches, the Table Topics, and the Evaluations.
Script for Timer

Wizard of Ahs

 The member filling this role, is looking for filler words like um, uh, ah, so, you know, etc. Repeated words are also counted and reported for everyone who speaks during the meeting.
Script for Wizard of Ahs
Worksheet of Wizard of Ahs

Table Topics master

This person is in charge of developing questions for those who do not have a speaking part in the meeting to answer that align with the theme of the meeting.
Script for Table Topics Master
Table Topics Ideas (District 6 Toastmasters Club Programming Idea Cookbook)

Table Topics Speaker

This person answers the table topics master's question by developing a one minute speech that is complete, organized, and free from filler words.

 General EvaluatorThis role is responsible for introducing each of the evaluators and giving a short evaluation of the entire meeting. This person basically evaluates the Toastmaster, addressing the timing aspect of the meeting, the evaluator's performance, and noting any highlights of the meeting.
Script and Checklist for General Evaluator
Camera Operator
Instructions of the Camcorder

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